We are starting out with 4 varieties of Grapes - Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, and Riesling.  These varieties will do well in North Georgia.  The vineyard is at 2050 to 2150 ft elevation.  This is probably the upper elevation limit for the area for growing vitus viniferia.  We will also be adding some French Rhone varieties.

Something we didn't know much about when we started our grape selection, was clones.  Clones?  Yes, there are many clones of the different grape varieties.  I think there are over 50 clones of Cabernet Sauvignon - much more of Pinot Noir!

We purchased some grapevine cuttings and rootstock from Foundation Plant Services (UC Davis) to try grafting and rooting on our own.  We had limited success, so we purchased vines from grapevine nurseries out West.  We chose Inland Desert Nursery (Benton City, WA) for our first two acres.  We went to Novavine and Herrick Nursery for the 2014 group (3000 vines).  We were a little unhappy with the the Riesling (only about 1/3 budded), so we went back to Inland Desert Nursery for the next group of vines.

This Little Piggy Vineyard
873 Liberty Hill Rd
Blairsville, GA  30512
These are the four varieties we are starting out with (mouse over for additional details).